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St Ignatius Golf – 2014 Season Info Sheet
Instructional Program - (Boys & Girls Grades 5 - 8):
·               This program is targeted towards developing players and beginners - designed to give them exposure to the game in a semi-competitive environment, and to learn and develop their playing skills, knowledge of the rules, and etiquette of the game.
·               Beginner players are welcome to the program, but are expected to have played at least 3-5 full 9 hole rounds (at Robins Nest or equivalent beginner course) over the course of the summer before the start of the season in August. This is in order to become familiar with the game and develop some initial skills so that they are ready to play when matches start in August. Beginners are also encouraged to participate in clinics or lessons prior to the start of the season. This initial experience is important as there will not be enough time to teach your child to play before the first matches.
·               Instructional Season: 7 Matches - Robins Nest G.C. & Delhi Par 3 ( Early August – Early October)
·               Parents/Coaches are encouraged to walk with the players and can give advice as needed.
·               Players will play Red Tees at Robins Nest during their matches.
Competitive Program – (Boys & Girls Grades 5 - 8):
Varsity and JV Levels
·               This program is targeted for our top competitive and experienced players who can qualify to play at this level.
·               For players interested in competing at this level, tryouts will be held in May to determine our qualifying players, and our average scores will determine where our teams will compete in the league – at either Varsity or JV levels.
·               Varsity and JV Season: 15 Matches - Various Courses - (July 29 – Early October)
·               Tournament rules will apply – No advice can be given by anyone (including parents) during a match.
·               Players are expected to have an in depth knowledge of tournament rules and etiquette of golf.
·               Open to qualifying Boys and Girls in Grades 5 through 8.
·               Teams will be assembled by qualifying skill level only, regardless of the grade levels of players.
·               Likely limited to top 18-20 qualifying players in our program.
Tryouts to qualify for this level will be held at Robins Nest Golf Course in late May (Dates to be provided):
·               Players need to make at least 2 of the 3 available tryout rounds. They can play up to 3 tryout rounds and keep the lowest 2 to count towards qualification for the upper level teams. Beginners and Players only interested in Instructional level do not need to participate in tryouts.
Program Costs:
Athletic Association Registration Fee of $65 / Player and covers the following:
·               Golf Shirt and Hat
·               Practice balls for all team practices and pre match warm up sessions
·               League fees and Athletic Association Web fees
NOTE: Additional cost for Greens fees of approx $7.50-$8.00 per match will be collected for each player before each match played. ( Per Player Estimates: Varsity - 10 matches. Instructional - 5 matches )
Program Coordinators:
·               Bryan Humpert – 513-252-5921 –
·               Jay Heidemann – 513-520-2113 –
·               Brian Roettker – 513-470-7001 –

St Ignatius Golf – Coaches Info Sheet
·         We encouraged anyone to Coach St. Ignatius Golf, regardless of golf playing ability or knowledge of competitive golf. Only a basic knowledge of the game is necessary.
·         Matches start in early August and run through the end of September.
·         The August matches are typically midday and during the work week, so it is important to find team volunteers who are available during these times. The head coach is not required to be at all of the matches, but he coach will need to designate at least 2 parents to volunteer for each match.
·         For matches that the coach is not available, the coach simply needs to provide the match guidelines to the volunteers to coordinate the match and score the match at the end. (guidelines and procedures provided)
·         Team practice schedules are up to the coach, and are encouraged to be approx once per week. However golf is an individual sport, and most of the practice is to be done on an individual basis. Range balls will be provided for practices, and can be expensed for reimbursement from the Athletic Association. Special discounts are available at Robins Nest for coaches.
·         Communication – The primary role of the golf coach is to communicating to the players and parents regarding practice and match schedule, lineups (who plays in each match), parent volunteers, schedule changes, and general communication.
·         Lineup / Match Schedule - The coach designates and communicates the lineup to parents at least the day before each match (or as soon as it can be determined.) Only 6 players play in each match, and there are typically 8-9 players on a team. So the coach designates who plays in each match and the other players do not attend the match. For Instructional level teams, the goal is to make sure all players play in as many matches as possible. For competitive level teams, the top performing players may be kept in the starting lineup while the other players are rotated in, but no player should sit more than 1 match in a row unless there is a scheduling conflict.
·         Volunteer Scheduling - The coach needs to make sure there are at least 2 team volunteers at each match to help walk with the players. The role of the volunteers is simply to oversee the match, keep the players moving, and to help with scoring if necessary. Volunteers can be parents / grandparents, or other adult volunteers.

Suggested Practice Procedure
·         Suggested practice time - 1 hour
·         Typically depending on attendance it is best to break the team down into 2 groups of 3 or 4 kids. Have a parent of coordinator take one group to the practice green to practice putting and chipping for 20 mins, while having the other group practice hitting full shots at the driving range.
·         After 20 mins have the groups switch for the next 20 mins.
·         Use the last 10 minutes of practice to educate them on rules and etiquette, or other strategies.
Match Procedure
1.      Determine line up for the match (who will play with who and in what order will they tee off). For each match there will be 3 foursomes, with 2 players from each team in each foursome. If not all 6 players are available, there should always be at least 1 player from the opposing team playing in each group.
2.      Check in with the course pro shop and validate tee time for the match.
3.      Collect greens fee money from each player/parent and pay all greens fees together for the team to the course pro shop.
4.      If available at the course and time allowing, you can provide some range balls for players to warm up (but try to limit these to only 10-12 balls per player to simply get loose)
5.      Make sure your first 2 players (playing in the first group) are ready to tee off at least 5 min. prior to the first tee time. Make sure each subsequent group is ready to tee off as soon as the group ahead clears.
6.      Make sure each player swaps score cards with a player from the other team. So each player is responsible for keeping their opponents score, as well as making sure their own score is correct on their opponents card.
7.      Make sure at least one parent/volunteer is with each group, regardless of which team provides them. In other words we only need to provide volunteers for 2 of the 3 groups, as the other team will be providing volunteers as well. Volunteers primary role during the match is to keep players moving.
End of match scoring:
·         Have players validate scores at the end of each match (agreeing upon and signing both their own card and the card of the opponent who they kept score for.
·         The team score is the sum of the lowest 4 individual scores for the team (dropping the highest 2 scores). The team with the lowest team score wins the match.
·         Validate the final score of the match with a representative for the opposing team, and agree on who will call in the score to the league.
There are no programs available at this time.

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